Leather Slapper Belt


Model # 32 Spanking Leather Slapper
It is 20 inches long, 3 in. large . The Leather loop (8 oz.) is 1/4 in .(two layers) and…

Product Description

Model # 32 – Leather Slapper

The "Leather Slapper" is 20 inches long (51 cm), 3 inches large (8 cm) . The Leather loop (8 oz.) is 1/4" (two layers) and the handle part is 7/8" thick.

Please note : The leather loop seen on the picture can be replaced by a thicker , meanner, more vicious single leather strap ( 14 oz harness leather). Ask me for a picture.

Domestic wood handle is available in red, black , brown or natural (unstained).

Exotic wood handle add $14.00

If you want to see this item in a different color  or with exotic wood please email me at info@spankinc.ca

Additional Information

Weight 1.50 kg